Fitzgerald & Associates Real Estate BIO

From the beginning, Fitzgerald & Associates Real Estate  was a firm designed as a vehicle for a single parent to raise her children and offer other women and men the same opportunity!

Over the years, our operation has broken into two factions, a Realtor faction for those seeking more of career in real estate and MLS Agents Only, an opportunity firm for those wishing to test the waters of the real estate industry before leaving their current profession.

As founder of both firms, It has been a privilege to work in all kinds of situations for buyers and sellers.  In the beginning of our operation, we worked with first time buyers, I can empathize with their goals.  I overpaid for my first house by 30% and I did not want anyone else to be exploited.  As I got older and became more experienced, I helped people make that leap from their first home to their second home, where they planned on spending most of their life.  I was deeply interested in new construction and so as opportunities arose to work with developers and builders, that became my niche.

Fitzgerald & Associates Real Estate chronicles the life one Realtor, who through determination and tenacity became Realtor of the Year of her Association, spent 10 years on the executive board of her association to become President of her Association.  I was honored to lead the way in Massachusetts toward the goal of Lead-Free Homes , and was given an award before the Senate of Massachusetts from then Governor Cellucci.  Before the big war on drugs, and as a community effort to stench the flow in our own communities, I Chaired our Community Affairs Division, enlisted the aid of a local band who wrote the song, “Say NO to Drugs” which was submitted to schools all across the nation and earned us a letter of Commendation from First Lady Nancy Regan. From Committee membership, to the privilege of serving on the Massachusetts Association of Realtors Directors and Government Affairs, Real Estate is my primary focus.

As committee chair for our Community Service Committee I developed our ‘give back’ program from sweaters to nursing homes, to over 185 full scale Christmas’ including presents and food to needed families as part of the effort of Catholic Charities Foundation, Woburn Council of Concern, and several other organizations.

Fitzgerald & Associates Real Estate has been long since been associated with the words, integrity, determination, innovation and dedication.  We have brokered over 2500 hundred homes for families.  From locating the property to completing the purchase of their homes, whether it’s their first, second or retirement.  It would be an honor to assist you with yours.

I am proud to say that we have opened the doors for hundreds of people young and old to become real estate agents, and Realtors many of whom continue in the business today.

This business is a venture of love, and passion.  It became a ‘family business’ 25 years ago when my daughter joined the firm, as we continue to explore every avenue in real estate, it is our hope to add to our family of Realtors and continue assisting the residents of Massachusetts with their real estate needs.